Our Services


FANN BEAUTY WELLNESS combines external solutions with internal healing remedies in
other to effectively address the root causes of beauty and body wellness problems while restoring
optimal health and vitality to our clients. We passionately encourage our clients’ bodies to self-
heal and ensure they feel healthier and look younger as their skin begins to glow. We utilize a

unique and effective approach by combining our Bsoul Facial Treatment using Phyto-
cosmeceutical and natural ingredients which have been proven by scientists to promote skin and
body health and Meridians Therapy Treatment with the healing philosophy of DDS bio-
electrotherapy to produce a complete beauty and body-wellness solution.

Bsoul Facial Treatment

Fann Beauty Wellness provides Bsoul Facial Treatment services using products that only contain natural ingredients. The skin, like any other organ in our body, has a restoration, normalization and reactivation time given by physiological rhythms and modalities by nature. A healthy and beautiful skin is a skin in good condition. Fann Beauty Wellness believed in a unique philosophy called Physiological Normalization. We utilize products that regress the skin to its normal state before working its magic to encourage the skin to be the best it can be. Our products are 100% Eco-friendly, skin-friendly, vegan-friendly and animal-friendly.

Meridians Therapy Massage

Fann Beauty Wellness provides Meridians Therapy Massage, a massage using buffalo horn instead of the hands, to unblock meridians or trigger points on the body thus creating an effective relief to our clients’ chronic pains and stiff muscles. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the channel through which the life-energy known as "Qi" circulates all over the body while connecting the vital organs is the meridian system. A balanced and healthy body enables the Qi to flows freely, but when the Qi flow is blocked, toxins build up and the body becomes unhealthy. The meridian energy level is indicative of the health of the inner vital organs because they are connected.

Fann Beauty Wellness MTM treatments focus on meridian points so as to activate Qi and unblock the meridians thus restoring balance in our clients’ bodies and prevent health problems. Our MTM treatments promote metabolism, remove dampness, reduce swelling and pain, and strengthens the immune system.

Direct Detoxifying System

Fann Beauty Wellness provides Direct Detoxifying System services, a bio-electric therapy that uses electric current passing through the body to promote and circulate blood flow in the body. Direct Detoxifying System is a perfect combination of Chinese traditional medical theory and the principles of modern high-energy bioelectricity. It is a safe and drug-free alternative treatment which prompt the body to produce endorphins which help to relieve pain. Our DDS Therapy improves blood circulation and naturally adjust the body’s Acid-Alkaline Balance to enable a healthy and young state.

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