About US

Every woman desires a smooth, clear, shining, and youthful looking skin. Women everywhere
look for an elixir of youth. These have resulted in the search for fast and effective ways of
achieving a youthful looking skin. Several brands claimed to have discovered the miracle
solutions and packaged them into nice looking containers, it is vital to know that true beauty
actually comes from within. Also, modern working adults tend to have stiff necks and shoulders
owing to their poor sitting postures coupled with their computer usage postures. They undergo
long working hours while sitting down for too long. They lack exercise and neglect healthy
eating style and diets.

Our working adults face high risks of getting mild ailments such as shoulder, neck and back
pains, illness such as cancers and frequent headache and migraine owing to the high tempo and
stressful environment they are constantly exposed to. There is a need for effective ways of
achieving a youthful and brilliant skin, opening the body pores and expelling the toxin thus
fixing the stiffness in our necks and shoulders, penetrating the body to eliminate unhealthy
charges, generating good blood circulation, and improving our immune system. And this is
where FANN BEAUTY WELLNESS comes into play.

At FANN BEAUTY WELLNESS, we strongly believe that the human body has the ability to
heal itself and we understand that there is a loss of the ability to heal owing to the stressful world
where we live. We believe in the concept of holistic wellness as the perfect solution to women’s
beauty needs. Our idea is to restore the body’s natural healing ability using Traditional Chinese
Medicine-influenced philosophy, targeting so-called Meridians.


FANN BEAUTY WELLNESS is a beauty salon that focuses on bringing a modern take on
traditional Chinese acupressure and meridian point to create a SO SPA holistic TCM feeling. We
take pride in bringing holistic wellness to our clients and helping them regain youth vitality,
beauty, and good health. We have a team of highly-skilled and motivated therapists who are
experienced and fully qualified. They know the best way to treat the clients and they offer the
clients the best pleasurable experiences that keep them coming back.

Our Mission

To utilize natural ingredients coupled with the non-invasive procedure to improve the beauty,
health and living conditions of everyone around us.

Our Vision

To become the number one beauty salon achieving youthful and brilliant skin coupled with the
healthiest state while using natural products and offering non-invasive procedures

Core Philosophy

To only provide non-invasive procedures

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